Il y a quelques années, j’ai été victime de harcèlement sexuel au travail.

Une enquête interne a eu lieu, j’ai été mise en télétravail, contrainte à observer une confidentialité stricte qui m’empêchait d’expliquer mon départ abrupt à mes collègues. J’ai fourni mes emails, mes textos, et les contacts d’ami.e.s et de membres de ma famille. J’ai été interrogée à plusieurs reprises, puis laissée sans nouvelles ni accompagnement psychologique, pendant des mois. J’ai fini par quitter mon job. J’ai dû me battre pendant plus d’un an pour savoir ce qu’il était advenu de l’enquête, jusqu’à devoir faire intervenir un service de…

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris — Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group

You never have to ask anyone permission to lead - Kamala Harris

TL;DR: behavioral and systemic changes are two sides of the feminist coin. Let’s put this debate to rest and work to build a holistic approach instead.

The idea for my company, Toutes Ambitieuses (plug = out of the way) came to me as I was sitting in a meeting room in Gaza City, listening to female entrepreneurs and freelance developers telling me about their difficulties bidding for jobs on freelancing platforms online. They had the skills, having just graduated from Gaza Sky Geeks’ very own code academy. They…

Melina Mara/The Washington Post

This post should be a longer piece on feminism, its inner wars, with comparative observations from Gaza, the DRC and France. A synthesis and a call to action I’ve been mulling over for months now. Writing is hard. It’s painstaking for me. As a single mom of three young kids trying to start my own business in the midst of a pandemic, I don’t often find the mental space to methodically build an argument, provide scientific sources and transform it in flowing prose. Then last night’s first presidential debate happens, and the moment compels.

Feminism belongs on LinkedIn just like…

Fanny Hattery

Founder at Toutes Ambitieuses

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